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What is a natural facelift?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Microcurrent for anti-aging, often called the “natural facelift,” is growing in popularity. Since there are no after effects such as scars, bruising, or wait times before you can go out or attend events, it’s being used increasingly by people in the public eye and on camera. Celebs have talked about it— from Bella Hadid to Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

Worry and pain-free treatment

It’s also painless. And since people have seen that it works as a cumulative process, with treatment boosting the toned and contoured look of your complexion and helping to minimize aging wrinkles, it has really taken off. Electric microcurrent is a worry-and pain-free treatment that plumps up the muscles that support your skin and helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, sags, and crow’s feet—to name just a few—of the problems we may expect to see in the mirror as we age. We call it Face Fitness for a reason.

You may be seeing these signs of time passing already, i.e., the dreaded wrinkles and bags, and are searching for a little remedial anti-aging treatment to revive your complexion. Or you may be interested in a preventative solution to help save your youthful skin before any signs of aging appear; it’s never too soon. It used to be that people started thinking about anti-aging when they were 40 or so… but now it seems to be much earlier.

Boost confidence

And the effects of microcurrent anti-aging treatment will help you face time passing with confidence—you won’t have to worry about looking like you’re too old in a social situation or to be indulging in an activity you love. Instead, you’ll look and feel like you belong at any age… whatever that age is, you should, of course, feel confident regardless. But sometimes, we need a little bit of help to look as good as we feel.

With better contours, your skin will look toned, tighter, and brighter. As a result, you should find your wrinkles and sags much improved. And the confidence that comes with knowing you look your best and can be happy with who you are—without letting age stand in the way—is a side effect of treatment that most clients really enjoy.

Feel secure at any age

“You’re never too old for anything you want to do is my view of the world—-and feeling secure in your looks and the face you present gives a big boost to self-confidence that impacts many areas of your life. Some days, simply feeling secure in who you are makes life easier,” Mariam says.

“So I’m happy when clients tell me how much anti-aging treatment boosts their ability to face work, to go out and about anywhere in their social lives, perhaps even to feel more confident with the in-laws… There are so many situations where we may all feel a tad insecure or ill at ease. But feeling you’re looking wonderful makes all the difference. When I know I’m helping people feel at their best and perform at their best with a simple cosmetic treatment taking under an hour, it makes my day feel so much better, too!”

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