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“I believe that real beauty comes from feeling beautiful and confident, no matter your age.

As your dedicated skincare coach, my goal is to help you achieve that timeless, youthful glow. I'll work closely with you to design a customized skincare regimen tailored to your skin's specific needs and goals.

From choosing the right products to offering expert tips on maintaining healthy habits, I'll be your partner in this journey. Together, we'll unlock the secrets to radiant skin, ensuring you look and feel younger for years to come!"

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Hi! I'm Miriam Shahir.

I remember, to this day, the first time I went into a beauty salon with my mom. As a young girl, just being there made me happy. I could feel the positive energy in the room, a combination of excitement and connection. It was like for a short period of time you stepped into a special world where everything was about what YOU wanted and how to make you look better and feel better! It was a revelation.

But, coming from an academic family, working in the beauty industry was not an option. So I followed the path set out for me, and was quite successful in doing so: I earned numerous university degrees and went through too many years of formal education at universities around the globe!

After graduation, I tried many different careers (including doing research as a molecular biologist for about 10 years!), raised a family, and supported my mom through her battle with Parkinson ’s disease. Through it all, whenever I stepped into a beauty salon, I envied the professionals working there.

When I learned about Microcurrent treatments in 2020– it was a revelation all over again! I was amazed by the scientific foundation on which this treatment is based. I found it fascinating how the electrical current used mimics the body's own natural current. I loved it!
It was perfect for me, and a stepping stone towards a career within the beauty industry!


Today I am a specialist in this treatment method.
After such a long journey, I have finally come home!

Currently I serve my clients out of my private skincare studio in Aurora and at the Maxine Warsh Anti-Aging clinic in North York, Ontario.  Please get it touch and see how Microcurrent can help you look and feel your best!  

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